Top 5 Places to Find the Right Ghostwriter for Hire

Searching for a Ghostwriter for Hire can be challenging if you are not referring to these five websites.

When it comes to creating high-quality content, many individuals and businesses turn to ghostwriters for help. However, finding the right Ghostwriter for Hire is challenging when you do not take a look at the right place.

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who creates content on behalf of someone else who takes credit for the work. This can include articles, blog posts, books, and other types of written material.

Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to hire a ghostwriter. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Time Constraints: Many individuals and businesses need more time to create high-quality content themselves. Hiring a ghostwriter allows them to focus on other aspects of their business while still producing great content.
  2. Expertise: Ghostwriters are professionals who have expertise in writing and research. They can create content that is well-written, informative, and engaging.
  3. Branding: Having high-quality content can help build a brand’s reputation and credibility. Ghostwriters can help create content that aligns with a brand’s values and goals.

Top 5 Websites to Hire a Ghostwriter


Fiverr has become a popular platform for hiring quickly for any role. Several professionals, part-time and budding freelancers, are listed on hire. However, finding the right fit for your needs is often expensive, as professional ghostwriters can charge as much as $400 for a single article.

Hiring Ghostwriters on Fiverr
Hiring Ghostwriters on Fiverr


Similar to Fiverr, Upwork is also a preferred website for Ghostwriters. Though several skilled workers are present here, hiring on Upwork too is challenging because you need to interact with each proposal and evaluate them. However, Upwork limits the level of spammers with its credit-based proposal submission system.

Upwork also has tons of professionals, but they charge the same high price as Fiverr. Prices can be as high as $100 per hour.

Ghostwriter for Hire on Fiverr
Ghostwriter for Hire on Fiverr


LinkedIn is yet another popular job platform. Posting on LinkedIn is way better than looking on Fiverr or Upwork since it lets you check the complete history of a candidate. You can take a look at past work samples, performance, recommendations, and endorsements, which lets you assess a ghostwriter in much greater depth.

You can post your job for a ghostwriter, which will show you the first 20 applicants for free.


If you have the time to sieve through individual articles, then Medium can also be very helpful. However, truth be told, it is a slow and grinding process since most authors are owners of well-established businesses. Freelancers rarely post on Medium.

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How to assess a Ghostwriter?

If available, you can assess a Ghostwriter by demanding samples of past work and client testimonials. Here is a complete guide on evaluating Ghostwriters.

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