Why hire a Ghostwriter? Increase Organic Leads

Everyone needs a ghostwriter. It saves time and money while helping you increase your brand visibility across search engines like Google. Ghostwriters also help you increase your social media followers by creating engaging content.

  • Corporate Executives need to showcase their experience in a polished way.
  • Accomplished Writers need it to overcome writer’s block.
  • Affiliate Website Owners need it to generate consistent posts; students need it to present their work better.
  • Freelancers need it to increase their visibility.

The process of writing can be both time-consuming and challenging. It may result in bad writing that does not effectively communicate their ideas.

It saves Time and Money.

Time is a precious commodity for busy C-suite Executives(CEO, CIO, CTO, COO), senior management, and other senior executives. Writing long-form content such as a book or a speech can be challenging to fit into their already jam-packed schedules. In such cases, a ghostwriter can take on the writing tasks and free up the executive’s time, allowing them to focus on more pressing matters. Moreover, ghostwriters can bring a level of writing expertise and polish that can help ensure the final product is well-written, engaging, and effective at communicating the executive’s ideas and perspectives.

Ghostwriters in other parts of the world cost a fortune for daily tasks. Blog prices can go as high as $400, while commissioning a book can cost $7,000. At Our Soul Writes, the pricing starts at just $25 per article. For Book writing, the costs are decided on a case-to-case basis.

Increases Your Organic Leads from Google and Social Media

EEAT guidelines are essential for any content to rank in Google. Further, the blogs must confirm Google guidelines like Helpful Content and Spam. Another essential need for a Ghostwriter is when you need to create bulk content in a consistent manner. Google would only consider you an authority if your content is relevant and you show some experience-based knowledge. Ghostwriters can help you present this experience in the most comprehensive ways.

Topical Authority is yet another factor why Ghostwriters are extensively employed. Google’s BERT algorithms considers you an authority when you post a lot of contextually linked topics on a specific theme.