Why do corporates need Ghostwriters in Israel? How can you hire them?

Lack of native English speakers in Israel makes it difficult to connect to the global customers. Writers from USA and UK are often expensive.

Israel is perhaps the most productive and technologically innovative country in the world. However, the lack of English speakers in Israel makes it difficult to connect to the outer world. Companies primarily feel the need for Ghostwriters in Israel to communicate with global customers.

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Why use Ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters are helpful when you need to publish something on the internet or physically but don’t have sufficient time to write it on your own.

CEOs and other C-Suite executives find it easy to use a ghostwriter for social media to increase engagement.

Bloggers use Ghostwriters to maintain consistency.

Students and Academicians use Ghostwriters to polish and sharpen the effectiveness of the language used in their reports, research papers, and thesis.

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Why not hire a Ghostwriter from Europe or USA?

Ghostwriter Costs
Ghostwriter Costs

Hiring an expert Ghostwriter in the USA costs at least $25,000 for a book and $140 for a single article of 1500 words. The costs are even higher in the UK.

The solution is to hire a Ghostwriter from a country with English embedded in the formal education. A country like Russia would help, but doing business with a Russian freelancer is difficult due to payment issues.

Another good example can be India which has formal education in English plus has the second-largest English-speaking population in the world. Further, hiring would be easy with payment channels like PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, and Payoneer.

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